Hamilton-based sports event management company reaches sponsorship target with HGB.

Father and son team, Stephen and Nathan Cox have been involved in the New Zealand cycling scene since the late 1980s. But, with an ever expanding portfolio of events the duo realised it was time to take their sponsorship strategy to the next level and HGB went along for the ride.

Dynamo Events is a leading multi-sports and cycling events company active throughout the Waikato and North Island of New Zealand. Led by former cycling Olympian and Commonwealth Games athlete, Stephen Cox, and co-founder Nathan Cox, Dynamo Events is responsible for delivering all facets of the event experience in a fun, friendly, safe and affordable manner.

The Challenges

Tapping contacts on the shoulder for sponsorship does work… but only to a certain extent, as Nathan Cox, Director of Dynamo Events found out. “It worked in some situations but not in others,” Nathan confesses. “But we’d reached a plateau of effective sponsorship and marketing activities that we could do ourselves.”

A lack of creativity also impacted on the way Nathan and the team delivered sponsorship proposals and in a competitive industry, they knew they needed to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

  • “What makes HGB so great to work with is their ability to think outside the square, come up with new ideas and push the boundaries. I can always relay on HGB to deliver what I need, even when a short turnaround is required. They always put their customers first.”

    Nathan Cox, Director, Dynamo Events

The Solutions

HGB climbed on the saddle to help Dynamo Events develop a marketing strategy. “Stephen and Nathan were very keen to keep their marketing activities in house but were aware they needed external assistance to begin with,” explains Jacqui Gage-Brown, Director, HGB.

“We set about establishing a training plan for the team on how to best leverage their communications and event marketing in order to achieve winning results and optimal exposure to their target market.”

From there a professional sponsorship proposal was created which highlighted marketing opportunities associated with their key events. “We looked at how sponsors could use Dynamo Events as a marketing platform and how to successfully leverage their involvement to engage with their target audiences,” Jacqui says.

Reaching and engaging with their customers via social media was also an area Dynamo Events had highlighted as needing HGB’s expertise.

“We knew our industry and we knew our audience but we were struggling with how best to reach and engage with our customers,” says Nathan.

“Working with HGB has helped us understand our business more so we can make better day to day decisions around the marketing and media side of our operations,” he says.

  • “Working with HGB has helped us understand our business more so we can make better day to day decisions around the marketing and media side of our operations.”

    Nathan Cox, Director, Dynamo Events

The Results

Dynamo Events knows what a podium finish looks like and with HGB coaching them, the team were able to:

  • Further develop their event portfolio offering
  • Submit professional applications to local councils and sporting bodies
  • Grow event attendee numbers, and
  • Increase their sponsorship partnerships and value of sponsorships

“HGB think outside the square, they come up with new ideas and are happy to push the boundaries. That’s essential in our industry,” says Nathan. “We now have a far more professional approach to our sponsorship and marketing activities and that’s thanks to Jacqui and the team.”

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