Lightwire turns to HGB to expand advertising and build effective marketing materials for the benefit of their customers.

The lack of a cohesive marketing strategy meant prospective and existing customers weren’t aware of the extent of Lightwire’s solutions and offerings. That is, until the Waikato-based broadband provider chose to employ HGB’s marketing and design services.

Hamilton based internet provider, Lightwire, pride themselves on connecting people and businesses with great internet and customised network connectivity solutions. Offering services to rural, residential, business and prepay customers, Lightwire turns research and development into smart internet solutions.

The Challenges

Andrew Johnson, Lightwire Director, was frustrated with the lack of uncertainty around his company’s brand. “Our logo had recently been updated but we had no clear definition of our values to communicate internally or externally,” he recalls. As a result, marketing strategies and business objectives didn’t align.

“Our marketing and design activities were adhoc,” he says. “There was no structure around our brand and it was all very uncoordinated.  We wanted to find someone who we could build a relationship with and would go out of their way to understand us, and evolve with us.”


  • “HGB have a genuine desire to understand the business and therefore do right by us. I feel they have our backs and are part of our team.”

    Andrew Johnson, Managing Director, Lightwire

The Solutions

Andrew sought out the services of HGB and when the marketing consultancy delivered a piece of work that exceeded his expectations, a new partnership was born.

“HGB convinced us to put more emphasis on getting the marketing strategy right, followed by design work. They helped us define our values more clearly which meant they flowed into our marketing materials. This clarification has helped us define our identity.”

HGB now provide Lightwire with graphic design and content writing expertise which gives the company a more professional approach to its advertising and marketing materials. “By having HGB as an extra resource, we are able to expand our advertising to all areas of the business and build the right marketing materials to benefit our customers, our Sales Team and the rest of the company,” Andrew says.


  • “We have seen growth in our rural broadband product every month since HGB became involved and their input has helped maintain this momentum.”

    Andrew Johnson, Managing Director, Lightwire

The Results

Andrew’s decision to seek assistance from HGB has proved to be a resounding success, demonstrated through growth in their rural broadband product which consistently grew each month HGB were involved.

Furthermore, by converting rural leads and using marketing to generate sales leads, Lightwire has been able to build an upwards momentum, thus cementing their position as one of the Waikato’s leading rural broadband and internet providers.

“HGB have a genuine desire to understand the business and therefore do right by us,” Andrew says. “I feel they have our backs and are part of our team.”

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