Who we are

Everyone in the HGB team has a different story to tell, but we’re united by one thing – we are all inspired by creating meaningful experiences. We believe there’s more to life than simply earning a crust, and that’s why we choose to work at HGB.

Whether you’re talking to us over coffee or around your boardroom table, it’ll soon be clear that we really love what we do. We love to succeed, inspire, and see results. We love to work in partnership with our clients and build relationships based on trust and respect. And while we’re serious about our work, we like to have fun along the way.

We like to step outside of our comfort zone and we encourage our clients to do the same. We’ve got the right mix of creative and analytical minds to make sure we pull it off every time with impressive results.

At HGB we live and breathe our values: Think. Feel. Do.

To think is in our DNA. We think about what matters to our clients, what’s best for them, and what will make an impact.

We blend marketing with emotion and empathy. We’re not afraid to work with feeling and passion.

We get stuff done. We are driven, ambitious and remarkably productive. Our clients trust us to do what we say we’ll do.

“When Kylie and I started HGB it was because we wanted to wake up every day and have an experience that meant we worked hard but enjoyed ourselves along the way. When we work with clients who feel the same way – we create marketing magic.”

Jacqui Gage-Brown, Director and Co-Founder, HGB

A little history of HGB

What happens when two driven, talented people team up and combine their marketing, fundraising and design skills? Amazing stuff, that’s what!

This was the case in 2013 when, after several months of working together on a project, Jacqui Gage-Brown and Kylie Harcourt saw an opportunity in the Waikato for a strategic marketing provider with a difference.

The ambitious duo wanted to offer marketing services where partnerships and experiences were the vital ingredients.

Right from the get go, Jacqui and Kylie challenged the status quo. They set out to work with clients who believed what they believed. Jacqui and Kylie’s drive to succeed, their spirit of cooperation, and their commitment to perfection has made HGB what it is today.

In 2015 HGB won the Emerging Business of the Year award at the Westpac Waikato Business Excellence Awards.

Today, HGB is a dynamic team of strategic marketing consultants, creative designers, content creators and brand experts, all of whom share HGB’s values and purpose. You can meet them over on our Team page.

And that’s the history of HGB. Now for the future. Want to join us?