Jacqui Gage-Brown

Director and Co-founder
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Jacqui believes life is a challenge – and it’s a challenge she embraces. Experiences, relationships and happiness inspire Jacqui and drive her out of bed every day (that, and her 5am CrossFit class!).

Jacqui supports clients to achieve their business goals through strategic marketing, positioning, branding and fundraising. She also leads and inspires the HGB team, and is constantly asking, “what next?”

Can’t find her in the office? She’s probably in the gym, or at the beach diving through the surf, or campaigning for the Tairua skatepark. Meet Jacqui, CrossFit addict, food fanatic, mum to four boys (well, three plus a husband), beach-side resident and the GB in HGB.

Meet Jacqui
  • What are you known for in the office? Being a ‘red dot’! Fast, efficient, straight to the point

  • Let’s go back a few years… what was your favourite subject at school? Yes, only a few years (cough, cough). Definitely PE!

  • What is one thing you could live without? Kombucha

  • You’re going on a teddy bears picnic, where are you going to? The beach, always the beach, and I’d have my book in my bag too (much to my boys’ annoyance as they want to teach me to surf, but getting yelled at to “burpee now mum, go, go” hasn’t really helped me master the art of surfing!)

  • What’s one achievement you couldn’t be prouder of? My boys – Ezra, Felix, Leo. They light up my life and bring me so much laughter, fun and (grumpiness) challenges all at the same time.

  • Last but not least, if you could choose one ice cream flavour to eat for the rest of your life what would it be? OMG only one?! I love ice cream. I love going to the movies so I can eat ice cream (Kapiti), I love hot summers days so I can have real fruit ice creams (raspberry, always wanting more fibre even in ice cream), I’d skip dessert at a restaurant and walk to Duck Island just for ice cream. Please don’t tell me I can only eat one kind for the rest of my life!

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