Marcus Logan

Digital Advertising Consultant
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Born in Napier, raised in Auckland, Marcus has spent the last five years travelling the world and honing his craft.

After backpacking through Central and South America, galivanting across Europe and working in Berlin’s international start-up scene, he’s stoked to be back in his home country and working alongside local businesses.

A former stand-out basketball player (now social league benchwarmer), Marcus is a passionate gym junkie and runner, and you’re sure to find him working up a sweat somewhere when he’s not in the office.

Passionate about all things digital marketing and content, he’s a keen writer, motivated to tell meaningful stories and share valuable ideas – get in touch with him for a chat and find out how he can help you meet your goals.

Meet Marcus
  • How did you come to join the HGB team? After living in Berlin for the past two years, I came back to NZ for a ‘holiday’ which has turned into a full-time repatriation. HGB just so happened to be on the hunt for a digital specialist around the same time… and the rest is history!

  • What are you known for in the office? Being an extremely tall person (I’m just shy of two metres/6’6).

  • Let’s go back a few years… what was your favourite subject at school? 100% English, I’ve always been a bookworm.

  • What is one thing you couldn’t live without? Coffee or canned sparkling water, La Croix or Vista.

  • Living or dead, if you could choose one person to have dinner with who would it be? David Goggins – if you don’t know him, look him up.

  • If you were a wizard, what would your patronus be? An otter for sure. They’re definitely my spirit animal.

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