Mitch Hyde

Director of operations
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An experienced marketer and writer who likes to get his boots dirty, Mitch has spent most of the last decade travelling the world and starting a family.

Now back in the land of the long white cloud, Mitch is bringing that London experience to support growing business in the Waikato.

If he’s not in the office or with his family, Mitch will likely be tangled in the rough on a golf course, untangling a ‘birds’ nest’ on a boat off the coast, or entrenched in the pages of a good novel.

Meet Mitch
  • How did you come to join the HGB team? Part of my repatriation from London

  • What is something not many people know about you? I can still do a backflip… probably

  • What is one thing you couldn't live without? My kids. Although… imagine the sleep you could get.

  • You’re going on a teddy bears picnic, where are you going to? The Black Forest. Not the chocolate.

  • Living or dead, if you could choose one person to have dinner with who would it be? Abraham Lincoln (strictly for beard growing tips), or Chewbacca (same reason).

  • Would you rather: be attacked by a grizzly bear, or a shark? Grizzly bear every day of the week.

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