Tennille Lotz

Finance & Office Manager
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With over 15 years of business experience, Tennille loves the bottom line! In a previous role in South Africa, she regularly reconciled 31 accounts and lead the accounts department. Along the way she handled payroll and built an HR department from scratch, implementing new systems and conducting in-house audits.

She moved to New Zealand in 2020. Away from the balance sheet she is a mother of two beautiful daughters, who enjoys losing herself in books and can finish a series in a little over a week if she puts her busy life on pause. A vegetarian, who can also solve sudoku puzzles while cooking dinner.

Meet Tennille
  • How did you come to join the HGB team?

  • What is something not many people know about you?

  • What is one thing you could live without?

  • You’re going on a teddy bears picnic, where are you going to?

  • Living or dead, if you could choose one person to have dinner with who would it be?

  • Would you rather: be attacked by a grizzly bear, or a shark?

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